Wednesday, March 28, 2012

In The Beginning...

Welcome to the Kyrie/Piston litter blog! You can see profile photos of the handsome couple up above, but we thought you might also like to see a couple more, as well as many of their relatives and ancestors (who these pups may well resemble!). To that end I've put together a collage for your viewing pleasure (apologies for my lack of Photoshop skills--we hope the dogs are gorgeous enough to carry it!).

Please click on the photo collage below for a larger view. :)

Pictured, from top to bottom and left to right, are:

Piston at three years; Kyrie at two years.

Kyrie's grand-dam Tang; Piston's sire Warba and dam Ivy.

Kyrie's grand-sire Grizz (the big tall photo); to his right are, on top, Piston's great-grandsire Timber; in the center, Kyrie's son Saber (from the 2011 Kyrie/Leo litter) and Piston's grand-dam T-Ra; and at the bottom, Piston's grand-sire Kit and T-Ra's brother Achilles.

On the bottom row on the left we have Corinne's Charley--Charley's sire and dam are Tang and Grizz, and we may get a pup who looks like him (we hope!). On the bottom right is Kyrie's brother Tucker. :)

Today Kyrie had her long-distance "date" with Piston! We will be doing an ultrasound at four weeks in to confirm pregnancy. Cross fingers and paws, everyone!