Thursday, November 22, 2012

Pups at Six Months!

Well we FINALLY got time to do an update! Welcome to the Kyrie/Piston litter at six months. :) All of these photos were taken between four and six months, though most are very recent. We hope you enjoy seeing how the pups are doing in their new homes! Thanks to everyone for sending photos and the great comments on how the pups are doing. :)


Sammy lives down near Houston. He goes to all sorts of places with his family, including riding in the golf cart! He appears to be the tallest of the pups so far (he has been biggest since eight weeks) judging from the photos. His mom Liz says, "It's amazing how good he is at such a young age - no barking, no digging, no jumping up on people, brave and social but he understands where we draw the line. We get so many comments from people on how good, smart, good looking he is. He is flat out a great dog."

BROWN COLLAR BOY ASLAN (PREVIOUSLY BROWNIE) Aslan lives south of us by a few hours with his family. He is very bonded to his three kids and mom Diana! Aslan got his first point toward his Puppy Championship a couple months back and we are hoping that he'll continue to do well in the ring! His mom, Diana, says that Aslan is great with kids and people he doesn't know. He was always a tail-wagging friendly pup!


Baker has settled into his place in New York at the new home of Strauss Haus Shepherds! He loves to play with "the girls" including Elektra, Kalamity, and Dutchess. He is mostly in motion, so Jessica didn't get shots that weren't blurry...but hopefully you get the idea! She says he is very solid and broad, especially for his age! He may be the heaviest pup even if he is not as leggy as Sammy. :)


Bullet lives up north and east a ways with his new mom and dad and two bulldogs. Lately he has also had his mom Kristen's son's lab pup to play with--err, chew on? Kristen says that he is coming along very well and that they can see him turning into an amazing dog. And a photogenic one--we always thought he had a nice head, and he's sure turning out handsome!


Belli lives very close to us in Lake Dallas and comes over for play-dates with her sister, mom, and half-siblings! :) It is wonderful to be able to see her grow up. Her family is very much in love with her and her mom Lisa sends me frequent updates. Now if only they could get her to stop eating everything in sight (fat chance, Belli says!)!


Blazie is still with us at Sparta Shilohs and growing up into a wonderful girl with an absolutely perfect temperament! She has started her illustrious show career off on a good paw with two big rosettes already, and is about to start her health testing to see if she will be carrying on the Sparta tradition in a year and a half or so!

You can see more Blazie at six months photos over at her blog: Sparta's Blaze of Glory! We hope you enjoyed our update, everyone! All the pups are doing great and we are so thankful for the wonderful families they have found. :) Tune in next time to see more on how they've grown!!