Friday, March 29, 2013

The Boys - 8 to 10 Months!

Hello again, everyone! Our puppy people have been awesome about sending us photos, and we thought you would enjoy an update with some of our favorites from eight to ten months. :) First we'll do the boys, then the girls later this month.

Without further ado, here's Sammy! Sammy has grown to be a real monster, 106 pounds at nine months--and he's super-handsome too! Here he is with his girl at around eight months:

And with his boy, at 9 months:

Sammy takes up pretty much the entire back seat of their truck now...

Aslan has been going to the shows with his sister Blazie, and has gotten several Best-of-Breed awards and Herding Group placements! We think he's turning out to be a very good-looking boy, and was almost 90 pounds at 9 months. I couldn't resist adding in some photos from a little earlier, of Aslan with his girl Leah--they are so cute!

Here are some photos of Aslan from the Hutto IABCA show in February. We love the reddish color in his coat; he gets that from his grandsire, Warba, and his great-grandsire Storm. :)

Next is Bullet! Wow is he turning out to be an athletic, great-looking dog. He reminds us a lot of Kyrie's brother Chester, with his golden coloring and striking markings! His family is having a ball training him, and they got some awesome photos for us!

And finally Baxter--stuck up in still-frozen New York! It's a good thing Shilohs LOVE snow (his sister Blazie is sure jealous)! His mom Jessica says that Baxter is turning into a real tank. We can't wait to see him in person this summer!

Thanks for reading, everyone! We hope you've enjoyed our update of the Kyrie/Piston boys at 8-10 months!!