Thursday, December 26, 2013

Benelli (Belli) at One Year!

I have just a couple photos of Belli at almost exactly one year, which is terribly silly considering she lives closer to us than any of her siblings! Maybe we'll have to have a two-years-reunion this coming May. :)

Belli is very attached to her kids! You can see their shadows at the bottom of the frame, with me taking the picture. Belli has decided enough is enough and she would like to get BACK to those kids, thanks!!

Belli with a straight-on shot. Her ears are a bit wobbly--the little photo after shows how they normally look when she's interested in something! ;)

Thanks very much for looking, everyone! Next up: Blazie!

Aslan at One Year!

Aslan's mom Diana sends me awesome photos of Aslan all the time via text message and I finally managed to transfer a few of those to my computer! Here is the last of our boys, the only plush coat, Aslan at between a year and a year and a half old. :)

Aslan's favorite person in the family is still little Leah, who orders him around fearlessly! It is very funny to watch them together, and they make adorable photos. You can also see how big Aslan is getting with Leah next to him!

Aslan is still the same friendly, outgoing boy he was at eight weeks. :) He recently completed all of his health testing and we will be upgrading him to breed quality! We're excited to see how he might contribute to the Shiloh Shepherd gene pool, and also to see how he'll do in the show ring now that he's maturing!

Thank you for reading, everyone! We hope you're enjoying the photos!