Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Pups From 8 to 12 Weeks!

Well I finally got a moment to update this blog with all the great photos that the pups' new families have been sending! A BIG thank you to everyone for all the updates--Zak and I love getting them. :)

First off we have Sammy, previously Boomer! He lives with his new family down in the Houston area. Here he is after his first trip to PetSmart:

Bringing back his rope toy:
After he took a leap into the lake after some fish...
With his new kitty friend!
Lovin' some belly rubs...
And getting BIG!

Next we have Aslan, previously Brownie!

Aslan lives a ways south of us here in Texas! He has his own blog and has been getting into lots of trouble. ;) You can read about his antics here:

Aslan The Great's Blog!

Next is Bullet, who went up north a ways and now resides east of Omaha, NE. Bullet lives with his people and two bulldogs--ironic that my nickname for him was "Bully"! Bullet's new persona is Bullet McNabb, hard-drinking (well, water, anyway...) private eye!

Here's Bullet in his Official Baby Picture:

Trying to convince one of his new packmates that really, he's better than a chew toy...
Cuddling up with his new friends!
Nice to have a pillow when you need one. Being a detective is hard work!
Where's mom off to? Oh, and yes...I'm getting bigger!

Next is Blazie!

We kept her, of course. :) Her new registered name will be Sparta's Blaze of Glory and she has her very own blog where you can see photos of her as she grows and keep up with her adventures. Very soon she'll be up on our Sparta Shilohs website, and later this month she'll be on the road to her very first dog show!

Blazie's Blog!

Next is Belli, who is keeping her name (Benelli) and lives very close to us here in North Texas!

Belli has her own blog also, with lots of great pictures and stories! You can see it here:

Benelli's World!

And finally, Baker, now Baxter (aka "Tigger" after his show ring antics with me in New York!)!

Here's Baxter with his new mom, Jessica Strauss of Strauss Haus Shepherds!

Jessica with Baxter in the ring:
Baxter striking a "noble puppy" pose...

Finally, if you would like to see even more photos, check out our Facebook group! You can find it by searching for Kyrie Piston Shiloh Shepherd Litter Group. Thanks for reading, everyone!!