Sunday, September 8, 2013

Baxter at One Year

I went to Shiloh Homecoming in upstate New York this past month and got some new photos of Baxter! He is doing well at Jessica's place and once he fills out he is going to turn into a real tank, I think. His head is HUGE!

Jessica took him in the ring and he did win his first point toward his Championship by taking Winner's Dog (best male) Smooth-coat! Here he is showing off some very nice movement:

I also got to meet one of Baxter's pups! He had a small litter with Jessica's Kalamity. The pups were nice enough that she will be repeating the match this coming year! Here is Baxter with his little son Buster. Buster's family came to pick him up while we were at HC. Bax is very gentle with puppies. He has always had a great temperament and I was happy to see that he still loves people and gets along great with other dogs. :)

Here is a close-up of Buster with a dirty nose because he was trying to dig his way out of that x-pen!

Finally, Piston's mom Margaret (Victory Shilohs) got a shot of Baxter just after he turned one and sent it to me. It's my favorite photo of him so far! Thanks Margaret!!

I hope you enjoyed these photos of Baxter! I am slooowly working my way through these photo updates. Next I will try to get one of the girls done!

Thanks for reading everyone!