Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kyrie/Piston LER Photos!

Thanks are in order for my hubby, Zak, the other half of Sparta Shilohs! Without his deft handling of both Skype and the camera, we wouldn't have gotten these few quick shots of the pups being set up for their conformation exams!

Baker was rated potential Breed quality. We may let him go Pet-Up to see how he turns out. He is a wonderful boy who showed confidence, sociability and smarts during his LER! He is still looking for a home--if you think you could fall in love with this boy, we will be putting up a blog entry with more information about him next. :)

Little Belle's people will be keeping her name! They live just five or ten minutes away from us in Lake Dallas, so be ready for some play-date pictures in the coming months once it gets cooler down here! Here Belli is having her ear set and shape checked. :)

Blazie proved to be the girl we kept for our own, to carry on Kyrie's genes. She is very like her momma--a bright, spirited girl with a real spark in her eye! Here you can see her posing much more nicely than her rambunctious brothers! ;)

Blazie has her very own blog now! You can see it at: Blazie the ISSR Shiloh Shepherd!

Boomer went to a fantastic family only a handful of hours away here in Texas, down in Houston! He has kids to play with, a cat of his own to slobber on--err, give kisses to, I mean...and has already begun having adventures with his new people. So far he is taking every new thing, person and animal in stride! :)

Brownie is even closer than Boomer and we hope to see him at the shows!! He went to a family just a few hours south of us, nearer to Austin. He has three brand-new kids to play with and is having a wonderful time!

Bullet just went to his new home today, in Iowa! Somewhat ironically, the pup we nicknamed "Bulldog Bully" is going to be living in a family with English bulldogs! We can't wait to hear what his new family thinks of him. :)

Thanks so much for sticking with us from conception to conclusion on our Puppy Odyssey, everyone!! Just like with our Kyrie/Leo litter blog, we'll be continuing to post updates here as we get new photos from our pups' families!

The Pups at Seven Weeks!

Our apologies for falling behind in our pupdates! So much is happening during the space from week seven to week eight (leading up to the pups' litter evaluation) that we just never seemed to have enough time in the day...but here with are with just a few photos of the pups at seven weeks. :)

Momma Kyrie was VERY happy to finally get out of her Cone of Shame! She was able to play with the pups outside briefly before they went off to their new homes this week. All the pups are now in their new homes except for Blazie, who we kept:

...and Baker, who still needs a forever home!

Belli, always the innovative sleeper, in her trademark upside-down position:

All the pups love to chew, and would steal the big dogs' bones even though their teeth couldn't impact the hard plastic!

We are really going to miss these pups. We can only be grateful that so many of their new puppy people are keeping in excellent touch with us, so we can continue to watch them grow!!

Bullet just went off to his new home today...we miss our little guy! The longer they stay with you, the more attached you get. :)

Thank you for enriching our lives for the last eight weeks, puppies! Have fun in your new forever homes!!

Thanks for reading, everyone! Next up: the few LER photos we managed to get, thanks to my hubby Zak and his quick camera-work! :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Which Cute Would You Choose??

With Kyrie ending her breeding career early, we at Sparta Shilohs now have a VERY hard decision to make! We need to keep a girl to carry on our lines. But...which cute would YOU choose?!?

BLAZIE (Smooth Grey Sable Girl),

OR BELLI (Plush Dark Dual Black and Silver Girl)??

Rough choice...I'm telling you! Stay tuned to see who will stay with us...

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pups at 6 weeks!

The pups' sixth week has just flown by! They are getting rambunctious, playing with each other, running and jumping, barking and growling and howling! They are eating regular puppy kibble with a little water or yogurt added and they are growing! Baker is still in the lead this week--the only time we have had one pup consistently stay in the "biggest" spot from birth till now!

The pups spend as much time outside as we can manage with the very hot weather. We have continued having people over and the pups love to interact with humans! This coming week they will get their first set of booster shots and a veterinary exam before the big day: Sunday the 22nd, their LER!

BAKER: 10 lbs 1.5 oz

Baker has an "old soul" look in his eyes! He is one heck of a handsome black sable smooth pup. We are really looking forward to seeing how he scores at the LER!

BELLI: 8 lbs 12 oz

Still ravenous, but apparently not ravenous enough now that she can't steal food from her siblings! Belli is currently the smallest pup though she doesn't look like it with that super-fluffy coat of hers! She was very photogenic this week. :)

BLAZIE: 9 lbs 7 oz

Blazer gives as good as she gets with the boys, that's for sure! The biggest girl, she has long legs and likes to chew on her brothers. She has her mom's big smile--usually delivered when she's in trouble for something!

BOOMER: 9 lbs 10 oz

Boomie is Mister Flash! He is an active, engaging pup who likes to be in the middle of whatever is going on. He makes excellent eye contact when you talk to him!

BROWNIE: 9 lbs 6.5 oz

Brownie continues to be Mister Tail-Wagger! A very sociable and personable pup with beautiful color and a super-fluffy coat!

BULLET: 9 lbs .5 oz

I *love* Bullet's temperament! So laid-back, takes everything as it comes. His favorite thing to do is to explore the house with his brother Brownie. When they find one of the big dogs' chew bones, they both try to chew it, even though it's too big and hard for them!

Some group shots--Blazie and Brownie:

Baker and Bullet:

The Girls, sleepin':

Puppy Tetris!

The Trouble-makers....

Thanks so much for reading, everyone! I'll try to get a seven-weeks update in before the LER!