Sunday, June 24, 2012


Armed with Deadly Cuteness and Highly Dangerous (especially where food is involved)!


ALIAS : Wolfling, Monster

WEIGHT (3 weeks): 4 lbs 7 oz

PROBABLE COLOR: Bi-black or black sable with grey

COAT: Probable Smoothie

WANTED FOR: Beating up his brothers and pushing his sisters into the pee pads

Trivia: Baker was the last pup born, but has been the biggest since the beginning. He was the first pup to wag his tail, the first pup to walk, and the first to escape the whelping box.


ALIAS: The Ravenous One, Sun-Eater, Little Belle, The Wiggler, Diva

WEIGHT (3 weeks): 4 lbs even

PROBABLE COLOR: Dark black and silver dual

COAT: ?? (jury's still out...probably because she's eaten them)

WANTED FOR: Eating us out of house and home

Trivia: The Ravenous Belli has eaten her way to being almost tied with her sister for weight! She is the most active pup in the litter and very bold!


ALIAS: Sweetheart, Blazer, Pretty-girl

WEIGHT (3 weeks): 4 lbs 1 oz

PROBABLE COLOR: Medium grey sable. She *may* get a faded muzzle like her momma.

COAT: Probable Plush

WANTED FOR: Stealing hearts!

Trivia: Blazie believes that empty laps are really just puppy beds meant to be filled by her. :)


ALIAS: Boomie, Howler

WEIGHT (3 weeks): 3 lbs 14.5 oz

PROBABLE COLOR: Bi-color with grey or silver

COAT: First I thought plush, then I thought smooth, then I thought plush again...guess he's a Man of Mystery, we're just going to have to wait another week to see!

WANTED FOR: Being cute enough to get away with murder!

Trivia: Boomer is the darkest pup in the litter and the one I think is most likely to be bi-colored. He has a friendly but not overbearing personality.


ALIAS: Brownie, Friendly, Sweet boy, Sleepy-britches

WEIGHT (3 weeks): 4 lbs 2 oz

PROBABLE COLOR: Dark brown sable

COAT: Probable Plush

WANTED FOR: Falling asleep on literally anyone and anything!

Trivia: Brownie is a very laid-back and sociable boy, he was the first pup to recognize that humans are awesome and will come right up to anyone! When he's not being Mr. Friendly, he's snoozing on you. ;)


ALIAS: Bully, Bull-head, Mr. Fearless

WEIGHT (3 weeks): 3 lbs 7 oz

PROBABLE COLOR: Medium or light brown sable

COAT: Probable plush

WANTED FOR: Makin' Trouble!

Trivia: He may be little but this boy has big-boy attitude and the way he struts around the whelping box you'd think he ruled the roost!



Thanks for reading, everyone! ;)

3 to 3.5 weeks group shots!

Okay I have WAY too many photos this time so I am going to do TWO pupdates! Here are all my shots of the gang together. :)

A lot has happened in puppy land this week! We have continued trimming their nails every four or five days--it's easy for them to get sharp when they have been growing so fast. The pups met our cat Panther and have listened to music and video game sounds and the vacuum cleaner (though it was not running too close to them just yet). They have started spending a little more time away from momma Kyrie, as they are getting teeth now and she does not like to let them nurse as much. ;)

The pups got their first taste of puppy mush and made a big mess of themselves (you can still see bits of food on them in the second photo, before I chased them down and gave them a "bath" with a damp towel!). This early they are eating a mixture of goat's milk and baby rice cereal with a little yogurt mixed in.

I constructed a couple of cardboard things for them to interact with--a simple box cut down to make a small bed and a tunnel! Right away there were three pups crammed into a box only big enough for one! Poor Brownie didn't have a prayer of fitting in... he went to investigate the tunnel! Can you see his tail sticking out in the first shot? And his little head in the second and third. :)

The pups started paper training this week! We are putting down paper with puppy potty mats on top of it in one-third of the box. When they get better at climbing from box to box as they get larger, the whelping box becomes the "potty pen" and gets all paper. The weaning pen becomes the playpen, with beds and all sorts of toys, until they are ready to expand their horizons a little more. :)

Okay, ready for the group shots?

Look at all these dingo-faces! What a rogue's gallery. :)

The gang, gathered at the rail because they see me coming. They have already learned that humans are now just as likely to be bringing food as momma Kyrie!

The pups LOVE the blue fleece puppy bed. Here are a load of cute shots of them snuggling and sleeping in it!

Thanks for reading, everyone! Next up:

WANTED: THE PUPPY GANG (mugshots to come!)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Pups at 2.5 Weeks!

Just a real quick 2.5 weeks update for you--we're behind, and I have a lot of 3 weeks pictures to edit after this! ;) Love the shot above, though, of the little rascals mobbing momma Kyrie's head, LOL!

The pups are GROWING! You can see how big they are, below--look and compare to some of the earlier blog photos of them nursing! They are walking better now, and Baker and Belli were the first to escape the whelping box and explore the weaning pen!

Here's a shot of the whole gang together! I love to compare the colors and patterns. This is really a rainbow litter!

Individual shots...Baker, caught in a stretch!

Belli and Brownie--so cute!

Blazie, sleeping and doing a chin-up!

Boomer, curled up for maximum cuteness and giving me an annoyed look because once again I'm trying to get pictures of him...

Bullet, who is developing into quite a fuzzball! I think he is a plush!

Bullet and Blazie playing!

Brownie and Belli playing patty-cake together! I love it when I can catch them in poses like this...

The pups can see each other well enough now to interact and play. It's hilarious watching them--often they will attempt to pounce on each other and end up falling over! Here are some shots of the gang playing. Sadly we had a lot of overcast days this week so I had to use the flash.

Thanks for reading everyone! Week 3 update coming which the pups get their first real food, and we begin to be able to guess who is smooth and who is plush!