Friday, August 2, 2013

Sammy at One Year

Sammy's mom Liz sent me some wonderful photos of their boy at one year old and I'm happy to finally have time to post them! About Sammy, Liz writes:

"He really is a good boy. Well, he's a lover at least. We had to go through and Sammy-proof the house. He can open anything, quietly. He is a ninja. Any door, any cabinet, and fence gate unless it has been fitted with a dead bolt or slide lock. Thank goodness he does not have opposable thumbs.

An exterminator came to the house the other day just as we were finishing a walk. He would not get out of the truck until Sammy was put up, telling me that German shepherds did not like him. So, my mom took Sammy to the back yard while I talked to the guy. About 10 seconds later, Sammy tore into the entry hall, and leaned up against the guy, tongue hanging out, seeking pats. The dog is not shy.

That being said, if someone is not invited by us, he puffs up like a cat and starts stalking them until we give them the green light. I have seen it only a few times, but it is then that I remember he is someone to take seriously. He is usually such a big loveable goofball.

He has been an awesome addition to the family. He really is perfect for us. We are getting ready to go to the beach and he knows it - its all he can do to suppress his excitement."

Sammy's training center sent a report card that Liz forwarded to us!

We think that Sammy has grown into a very handsome guy, and are thankful that he's such a wonderful fit for his family! Thanks to Liz for giving "little" Boomer (at around 115 pounds now!) a great home!!

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